Ceramic immersion

Let me explain my last challenge… Me as the teacher, only one student, one week; 7 days of ceramic immersion . Pottery, glazes, extrusion, slab building, gas firings,…

Phoenix kiln

I have been waiting a long time to get one small test kiln  for the firing of my test tiles, so I decided to build one. I have…

Brushes’ vase

This week snack is a simple slab vase with slip decoration and a clear transparent glaze over it.


Not long ago, talking about “tapas”, someone show me the importance of a good appetiser to awake your hunger. It doesn´t matter what you are talking about, if…


Bowls and salad bowls in reduction


Hexagons fired in reduction


Pieces woodfired with Mr. Kusakabe at Monroyo


Pieces done for the reduction firing at Vinalesa